Re-opening Project System

After huge success of Project System in year 2009 among both its direct participants and public, which we presented the results of the project to, we decided to realize the project once again.

The Czech runs will take place in Spring 2011 (probably the first two weekends of April). English runs will probably follow in Autumn. Currently we are waiting for enough interest and contacts to prospective participants before confirming the date and opening the sign ups. You too can express your interest by clicking on the stripe on the home page.

In year 2009, the Project System was created with the support of organizations ČNA Mládež and Nadace Vodafone. You can find the outputs here. The financial support of the nadations was already drained and in year 2011, we must realize the Project System without grants. That’s why the price will raise, so that we can cover all expenses of the project.
Find out more about the organization of the project here.

We believe that Project System offers valuable experience for life that you can hardly acquire elsewhere. And because totality is a theme that we should not only think about, but also talk loud, we want to continue with System and allow more people to go through this intense experience in totality.