What can I expect?

Project System will let you do a lot more than when you watch a movie or see a theatre play. This time, you will be there. System is a story about freedom and you will play a part.

See what Project System really looks like in a Czech television report.

System is a game

System is an experiential role playing game. It can also be called interactive drama or, more commonly, a larp. Every player gets a role of one character from the story, just like an actor does in the theatre. Unlike in the theatre, there are no lines or scenarios here. The players themselves can decide how to act as the character they are playing and what to do. If you take part in Project System, you will not be just a passive viewer – you will have a control over the story, like over your own life.


You can start looking forward to authentic game location, realistic props and costumes, and most of all, the story that you yourself will change and evolve through your decisions and actions. It is only up to you how you will deal with living inside the System. What awaits you are dramatic personal stories and complicated life dilemmas. You can try out on your own skin how it feels – night-time parades, intense scenes of interrogations or people’s courts. Two tens of lectors and skilled players will watch over the game both from the outside and inside to ensure not only that the game will be safe, but especially that it will get deep under your skin.

Usefull information

Your weekend in totalitarian state will begin on Friday, 10 AM. Our lectors will take care of you in the areal where System takes place. When you catch your breath after the journey, they will take you through pre-game workshops where they will explain the rules of the game, shed light on how the System works and complete the roles of characters you will play during the weekend with you. This workshop will prepare you for the game even if you haven’t attended a similar event before. Do not hesitate to sign up – we are counting with participation of people who are not experienced in larps and interactive drama.

We are aware that arriving to the game on Friday morning might mean the necessity to take vacation from work or miss classes in the school for some of you. We are sorry about it, but the pre-game workshops are vital for the game and they cannot be omitted. If we decided to skip them, we wouldn’t be able to provide you the game experience as intense as when you attend these workshops. We sincerely hope that this complication will not discourage you from playing the System.

The game itself will begin on Friday evening. The accommodation will be provided directly in the game areal and you will fall asleep in your roles. Then, the game will continue during whole Saturday until late night hours. During almost thirty hours of the game you will experience, along with other players, the story of people living in a state without freedom. Although no one will beat you or torture you by hunger in the game, it is built up on strong feelings and it is psychically demanding.

On Sunday morning you will wake up again into a normal, democratic world. You will get the chance to talk about your experiences with the rest of the players and together with the lectors separate the game from everyday reality. We will be glad if the experience of living in the System inspires discussion about the similarities between the game and our world, but we will not force it. It will be very nice to talk about what you’ve been though in the game and how did you like it. The time to leave and return back home will be on Sunday afternoon.