Following text describes the fictional world where the System game will take place. All the information stated here is connected to the game and it will be present during its course. It is not necessary for you to remember all the details, but it would be useful to read the text twice, to get the idea.

Information important in particular is highlighted in the text. If you feel that there is too much information, don’t let that worry you. No one will check your memory of them and we will repeat and teach you the really essential parts during the pre-game workshops.

All the information will be also available in one pdf document, which is currently being translated into English language. Therefore we ask for your patience and promise to provide you all the materials in a convenient form, with enough time reserve before the game. In this document, you will find brief history of the state where System takes place, the description of how it works and especially the everyday reality of its citizens.

Current situation

The story of this interactive drama takes place in a small town. It is far from the city rush and people are close to each other here. Most of the adult inhabitants of the town are participates on a farmstead nearby, which is also the where all the local SL work.

The only occasion that breaks the calm daily routine every year is the celebration of the Day of Equality. On this festive day, whole State celebrates the System, which allows everyone to live better and happier. Flags are raised, parades are organized and young students take their citizenship oaths. Nothing can go wrong during this important day, everything must be perfect.

The players, in the roles of their characters, will experience the night before this great feast, the day of preparation and the celebration itself. Many more problems connected to life in totality, though, will be present in the personal stories of characters prepared thoroughly long before the game.