We don’t know hunger,
poverty, injustice.
We are living in a free
society, based on the
ideals of humanity
and solidarity. Where
other ideologies had
failed, we succeeded.
We created a better
place for life, we
created the System.

The promise of a better, happier
life is the beginning of every
totalitarian society. We see
totalism as one of the greatest
threats the mankind must face
But what exactly is the
totalism? We know that it is
wrong. But do we also know
why? And would we even recog-
nize the moment when things
start taking the wrong direction?

System is an experiential role
playing game
that makes you
realize what totalism really
means during one weekend.


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Do you want to know what totalism means? Experience it yourself through a game.


The gaming weekend includes a series of pre-game workshops. They will take place during Friday, starting approximately at 11 AM.

  • The workshops will explain the point of the game and give you all the preparation for smooth playing.
  • Besides brief basics of role-playing, you will also prepare for the character whom you will play during the actual game.

Read more about the workshops in the part What awaits me?


The game will start on Friday evening and end late in the evening on Saturday.

These thirty hours of totality you will experience in costumes lent by us, on a site specifically modified for this purpose between Prague and Brno. The accommodation and full boarding will be provided.

Two tens of organizers, lectors and skilled players will take care of a smooth gameplay.


Sunday morning after the game will be spent discussing about themes that were visible in the game and encountered by the players. The aim of these discussions is rational processing of the game experience and also starting an active discussion about contemporary signs of totalism in our society. We want you to have a chance to sort out your own experiences and opinions and that’s where the confrontation with others’ points of view is essential.
Project System is not only about a deep experience, but also about critical thinking about the pressing matters of our era.

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If you have any questions, do not hesitate to e-mail us at projektsystem@courtofmoravia.com.

Occupation of runs

Here you will see the occupation of the spots for players. The number of participants on one run is 40.

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